Calamine, Allantoin, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera Lotion

Calamine lotion is the medication for the skin problems. This lotion works as a counter-irritant. It is mostly prescribed by doctors for itchy skin conditions. Calamine really works for acne treatment.
  • Soothe and promote healing of fragile, irritated skin.
  • It creates a moisture barrier to protect the skin from exposure.
  • Promotes healing of infections
  • Dry skin
  • Dermatitis
  • Stretch marks
Calamine is an anti-pruritics, which are used to relieve itching. Itching can be caused by physical irritation or chemical changes in the skin caused by disease, allergy, inflammation, side-effects of drugs, or reaction to irritant substances. It is a common symptom of skin disorders, e.g. eczema, and infection with lice or worms. Calamine is used as it has a cooling and soothing effect on the skin for symptomatic relief of the itching. It also contains the active ingredient zinc oxide, which has antiseptic properties and helps prevent infection from scratching.

Allantoin facilitates wound healing when applied topically, histologically demonstrated increased vasodilation, presence of inflammatory exudates, number of inflammatory cells, angiogenesis, fibroblast proliferation, and increased collagen deposition.

Vitamin E: It is fat soluble Vitamin and is also called as beauty vitamin. Vitamin E shows antioxidant properties, protecting cell membranes from oxidative damage. Due to these effects it is used in the treatment of diseases causing bone loss, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus and associated comorbidities, eye diseases, inflammatory diseases (including skin conditions), lipid disorders, neurological diseases, and radiation damage.

Aloe Vera Gel is used as an emollient, to hydrate, replenish and condition skin. It intensely nourishing and protecting non-greasy cream moisturiser. It absorbs easily, helping to condition, soften and smooth the skin, and prevent dryness, leaving skin moisturised for up to 24 hours.
The product is possible safe for most adults. There is no disadvantage associated with the product if taken under the recommended usage however skin rashes, stinging sensation, hives, erythema or skin redness may occur in some patients.
The product should not be used in the following conditions
• Hypersensitivity to Calamine
• Oozing skin
• Do not use on extensive areas of skin for longer than 7 days
• Avoid contact with mucous membranes and eyes
• Discontinue if rash or burning sensation occurs
• Avoid contact with eyes or mouth or nose.
• Store this lotion in a closed container at room temperature, away from heat, moisture, and direct light.
• Do not freeze.
• Keep out of the reach of children.