Permethrin Lotion

This lotion is used to treat scabies, caused by tiny insects called mites that irritates the skin. Permethrin belongs to the class of drugs known as pyrethrins. Permethrin acts by paralyzing & killing the mites and their eggs.
  • Permethrin is used for the treatment of scabies.
  • Permethrin is used to treat lice infection

Mechanism of action:

Permethrin work by acting on the nerve cell membrane to interferes with the sodium channel current that regulates the polarization of the membrane so therefore delayed repolarisation and causes the paralysis of the lice and mites.


It is absorbed from the skin and undergoes ester hydrolysis and excreted in the urine.

common side effects:
  • itching in the skin or scalp
  • redness
  • numbness of the skin
  • rash
  • tingling in the skin
serious side effects:
  • difficulty in breathing
  • continous irritability
  • lessions on scalp
  • Contraindicated in neonates under 2 months .
  • Do not apply in broken or infected skin.

  • Avoid in contact with eyes.
    Do not swallow.

    Storage conditions: store it below 25ÂșC.