Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Lutein & Combination Capsule

This is an eye health formulation that includes combination of carotenoids- astaxanthin, lutein and zeaxanthin along with omega-3 fatty acids which supports and maintains eye health, boosts the pigment in the retina, promotes macular pigment density and help people with age related macular degeneration (AMD). This supplement contains carotenoid for eye health which is found in high levels in macula. These compounds are the only carotenoids capable of filtering the harmful blue light that can damage cells in the eye, the rods and the cones. A thin macular pigment can allow the blue light through and destroy the cells. So, maintaining levels of lutein, astaxanthin and zeaxanthin is important for maintaining eye health and reducing the risk of AMD.
Human eye requires targeted nutrition to support healthy tissue and clear vision. Our vision is a precious sense, and one that we should not take for granted. While we may supplement our diets with nutrients to enhance our overall wellbeing, we tend to overlook our eyesight as a necessary part of our health to maintain. So good nutrition is important to keep your eyes healthy and functioning their best throughout your lifetime.
In this supplement, Astaxanthin, Lutein and Zeaxanthin with omega 3 fatty acids are very important nutrients which may reduce risk for macular degeneration (MD) and cataract and which combined together for their effect on improving eye health & function.
In this combination,
Lutein and zeaxanthin play a role in preventing macular degeneration or reducing the risk of progression of the diseases and protect the retina
Astaxanthin, an antioxidant that can promote eye health
Omega-3 fatty acids are important for eye's retina and for light and dark perception

Lutein and Zeaxanthin with Astaxanthin against macular degeneration:
The macula pigment breaks down throughout one's life, however, and the function degenerates due to various influences, such as UV light or prolonged computer work. This process - age conditional macula degeneration (AMD) - is insidious and painless. Normally, reading becomes difficult at some point because grey shadows appear in the middle of the text and distort the letters. Astaxanthin kills free radicals in your body, staving off age related diseases like macular degeneration, by preventing these unstable molecules from damaging your cells. It is therefore important to maintain an adequate supply of these carotenoids.

Omega-3 fatty acids protect the retina: The omega-3 fatty acids alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docasehexaenoic acid (DHA) are long-chain, polyunsaturated fatty acids. EPA and DHA are important building blocks for cell membranes and are essential for cell growth and regeneration. They also make many contributions to eye health. DHA plays an especially important role in the retina. It keeps the cell membranes flexible (fluidity), which is a vital cell function. It also supports rhodopsin formation and activity, which is a component of "visual purple" in the rod cells (photoreceptors) of the eye's retina and is important for light and dark perception. At the same time, DHA can protect the photoreceptors from "biological cell death" (apoptosis) by oxidative stress. Another protective mechanism of the omega-3 fatty acids could be based on anti-inflammatory characters, such as the formation of anti-inflammatory active substances.
The main functions of this combination are:
  • Supports & Maintains Health Eyes
  • Support and maintain healthy visual function
  • Macular degeneration and AMD
  • Increase Macular Pigment Density & Prevent Los s of Vision
  • Protects Against Light-Induced Damage
  • Prevents Retinal Damage from Oxidative Stress
  • Cataracts
  • Protection from harmful wavelengths of light from laptops, TVs, and more
  • Support healthy circulation
  • Promote crisp vision
  • Supports healthy cognition


Zeaxanthin is a s tructural isomer that belongs to carotenoids family. Zeaxanthin increases low macular pigment levels � a leading risk factor for AMD and protects eyes from harmful blue light induced photo-oxidative stress. Zeaxanthin helps sustain the health of your lenses, photoreceptors, and retinal lining. Zeaxanthin also plays a role in visual performance. It forms a filter (macula pigment) over the part of the retina responsible for detailed vision. This filter blocks out blue light and haze from strong light, which in turn increases the eye's tolerance for bright lights.


Lutein, the powerful antioxidant which helps to protect your eyes from damaging light. It has been referred to as, "the eye vitamin" because of its ability to prevent or slow some eye conditions.
This is a highly essential supplement for eye health; lutein forms a protective shield and prevents formation of cataracts as well as macular degeneration in the eyes. This essential carotenoid has been researched in numerous clinical studies and shown to support the health of the macula, support vision under low-light conditions, and protect your eyes against oxidative stress caused by harmful blue light.


Astaxanthin is an a ntioxidant that promotes eye health. More importantly, it focuses on the eyes above all other parts of the body. In particular this helps to protect the eyes and keep them away from suffering of excess damage caused by free radicals.
As astaxanthin works, it moves through the body and makes it easier for your eyes to take in the blood they need. It allows blood to flow properly without obstructions caused by what comes into the eyes. The lens of the eye focuses incoming light onto the photosensitive retina, which then transmits visual signals to the brain. In the central area of the retina lies the macula, which has the highest density of photoreceptors that provides visual acuity.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids:

Omega-3 refers to a family of po lyunsaturated fatty acids. This family includes alpha- linolenic acid, EPA, and DHA. Alpha-linolenic acid is a precursor of EPA and DHA. Omega-3s are essential in maintaining overall health. They are found in every cell in your body and help regulate biological functions, including those of the cardiovascular, reproductive, immune, and nervous systems also plays a play an important role in eye health especially helps to promote macular health. Omega-3 Fatty acids can help reduce dry eye syndrome, a chronic eye disease caused by a decrease in tear production or increase in tear evaporation. Omega- 3s help regulate blood vessel growth in our eyes. That means the fatty acids could help prevent eye diseases such as retinopathy, caused by an overgrowth of leaky blood vessels in the eyes and age-related macular degeneration, caused by abnormal growth of blood vessels.
For Pregnancy and Breast-Feeding: Pregnant a nd lactating mothers should not take any single supplement in higher-than- normal doses unless recommended by a health-care provider for a special condition. The combination should only be used in pregnancy and lactation if benefits outweigh the risks. Stay on the safe side and avoid use.
Pregnant and lactating mothers should not take any single supplement in higher � than � normal doses unless recommended by a health � care provider for special conditions. The combination should only be used in pregnancy and lactation if benefits outweigh the risk.
Store in a cool, dry and dark pla ce. Keep protected from direct sunlight.