Natural Extracts, Amino Acids, Vitamins & Minerals Capsule

Complete multivitamin, multimineral and amino acid supplements with the addition of extracts are a good choice for health conscious people who want to give their body the right nutrients and our product is packed with all of them.
A regular diet may not always be able to supply your body with the daily nutritional requirements.
With such supplement, one can get most of the nutrients required by the body for proper functioning.
It helps to improve physical and mental functioning, reduces stress, improves personal circumstances and keeps one away from deficiency situations.
  • For keeping immune system in tune with everyday life
  • Supports heart health
  • Supports overall body health
  • Neural health is been assisted
  • Antioxidant in the supplement play a vital role to scavenge radicals
  • Natural extracts keep health in elder ages in tune


Ginseng lowers down the high cholesterol level, improves blood system and increases physical and mental functioning capacity. It is known to lower down the fatigue and act as an anti-aging ingredient.
Ginkgo enhances oxygen utilisation in the body hence improves the memory, brain functioning and other mental faculties. It is also important for eye health and been used since ancient times as an addition for mental disorders.
Citrus bioflavonoids are the extracts obtained from citrus fruits, they are rich in Vitamin C plus the provision of bioflavonoids, which are supportive in a healthy routine. Bioflavonoids along with Vitamin C are known to keep away the diseases relating to blood.
Green Tea extract is known for its caffeine and catechin contents which are powerful antioxidants and boost metabolism and support healthy life. It is also known to burn down the fat from the tissues and prevent obesity.
Mixed Carotenoids are known to support eye as well as skin health. They are phytonutrients and are converted by the body to Vitamin A. Carotenoids are also known for their support to circulatory system. They keep heart healthy and help in the improvement of mental capabilities.
Garlic powder obtained from garlic, is rich in Allicin which is a powerful antioxidant and helps cleanse free radicals. Garlic is considered for good absorption and digestion of food as well as to assist metabolic processes. It assists the exercise routine as well as a good healthy diet.
Lycopene is a carotenoid mainly obtained from tomatoes. It is considered as potent antioxidant. It is well known for its support in heart health. It scavenges all the free radicals in the body and protects the body from their adverse effects which can result to diseases in future. A healthy heart is the way to healthy body and lycopene is the way to healthy heart functioning.


Amino acids are biologically the organic compounds. They are used by body to synthesize proteins or are oxidized to urea and carbon-di-oxide as a source of energy. Various metabolic pathways are assisted by amino acids in body. Amino acids support Liver, brain and Cardiac health.
Methionineis a powerful antioxidant and protect body from the harmful effects of radicals.
L-Carnitine is helpful in the maintenance of heart health as it provides the instant energy required by the heart, and also helps in the easy recovery of heart after attack. They provide sulfur, which is a detoxifying agent, known to protect body from the damage by alcohol and cigarette. Glutamic acid is known to provide and activate the neurotransmitters for neural health and normal brain activity.


We have added vitamins in the supplement for supporting the role of all the ingredients in the formulation, they are:
group vitamins play a vital role as a co-factor in various metabolic processes. They are also known for their role in health support to brain, eyes, hair, nails and liver health. They cover all the biochemical, physiological and molecular aspects of human nutrition. Health of digestive system is dependent on presence of proper amount of B vitamins.
is responsible for healthy skin, protection from free radicals and support to a good exercise regime.
is needed for three main physiological purposes: structural integrity and signaling roles for cell membranes, cholinergic neurotransmission, and a major source for methyl groups which participate in the S-adenosyl-methionine (SAMe) synthesis pathways.
is mainly known for its role in eye health, it also assists one's sense of taste and is known to be supportive in urinary system health. It is known for the synthesis of protein and glycogen.
is known for its function in blood clotting and in the synthesis of liver protein. It also plays a crucial role in bone formation, and in the conversion from glucose to glycogen.
is essential for the absorption of calcium, bone health and heart health. It also assists in thyroid functioning and strengthening of immune system.
is a good antioxidant, it neutralizes unstable free radicals as well as protects other antioxidants from being oxidized


We know to maintain the electrolyte balance in the body and for perfect brain functioning and acceleration of metabolic processes in the body minerals play a crucial role and our product is packed with all those essential minerals that play a crucial role in everyday life.
along with sodium works for nervous system to transmit messages as well as for regulating contraction of muscles.
Chloride along with potassium regulates fluid flow in blood vessels and tissues as well as acid base balance in the body.
is considered important for the growth of connective tissue and is also helpful in brain functioning. Phosphorous helps in the formation of teeth, bones and assists metabolic actions in the body including kidney functioning, cell growth and the contraction of heart muscles.
is helpful in the formation of RBCs, hemoglobin and elastin, it is necessary for wound healing. It is also required by hair, nails and skin to stay in good condition.
is helpful to maintain bone health and is important for detoxification in the body.
is helpful in keeping away the allergic problems, digestive problems (like heart burn) and is essential for healthy gums.
Iodine plays a very crucial role in regulating thyroid hormones and assists in thyroid functioning.
is helpful in balancing the amount of HDL cholesterol and LDL cholesterol in the body and helps to synthesize powerful antioxidants in the body to assist free radical scavenging process.
Tin has positive benefits in depression, fatigue, pain, skin problems and digestion.
No serious side effects are reported.
Store in a cool and dry place protected from sunlight.